Fashion Jewellery Care Tips

Apparel Trove Fashion Jewellery Care Tips

Fashion jewellery does tarnish, darken or become dirty over time if it is not cared for lovingly. A little time and effort put in to taking care of your jewellery means it will retain its lustre, sparkle and good condition!

  1. Last item on, first item off - when you get dressed, put your jewellery on last. In the evening, your jewellery should be removed first.
  2. Household chores - never wear your jewellery when you wash dishes, clean, do laundry, ironing, etc. The harsh chemicals, bumps/knocks/scrapes, heat and steam or hot water are extremely damaging to jewellery.
  3. Gym - if you love going to the gym, remove your jewellery before you work out. Sweat, bumps/knocks/scrapes and gym equipment all damage jewellery.
  4. Swimming (pool or sea), spa, shower/bath - ensure you remove your jewellery before doing any of these activities as the chlorinated water, salt water, heat, steam and moisture damage any jewellery.
  5. Make up, face creams, body lotions, perfume and hairspray - only put your jewellery on after you have used make up, creams/lotions, perfume or hairspray to ensure that the jewellery does not tarnish. Remove any jewellery before taking off your make up.
  6. Clean all your jewellery before storing it - apply a little dish detergent to a soft bristled toothbrush, dampen the toothbrush with tap water and then very carefully scrub off any dirt or marks. Dampen a soft cloth with tap water and clean off the dirt, marks and detergent. Gently pat or wipe the jewellery dry using a soft dry cloth or tissue paper.
  7. Correct storage of fashion jewellery is essential - the best way is to put the individual jewellery items in ziplock plastic bags, as they are airtight. Then place the little bags in a jewellery case or other container, away from sunlight.
  8. Never use jewellery cleaner on fashion jewellery - most fashion/costume jewellery is gold or silver-plated and will be ruined by the harsh chemicals contained in jewellery cleaner.
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